RODI Filtration Part Three – The Install

The RODI project (Reverse Osmosis/Deionization) is nearing its completion. As I mentioned in parts ONE and TWO, my wife has expressed some health concerns due to the local water quality, so the time was right to refurbish my Merlin RO filter and put it into service. Today, we’re one step closer to completion of the project, though a few extra steps were added along the way….

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Refurbishing The GE Merlin Tank-less Reverse Osmosis Filter

Last week, I posted regarding my plans to refurbish my GE Merlin tank-less Reverse Osmosis filter. Just as a reminder, it puts out 1 gallon of purified water per minute on demand, so there’s no need to use a tank. It’s a hefty system, taking up a lot of real estate under the sink, more so if you add a DI filter (like I’m doing). On the other hand, I had great service from the filter when I lived in NC, so I brought it with me when I moved. My wife is ready for me to put it into service in order to enjoy the convenience and health benefits of having RO on tap in our home!

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Introducing – The Fabulous Discontinued GE Merlin Tank-less Reverse Osmosis Filter System!

Most people have some sort of concern with the water they drink. Some people don’t like fluoride in water, others don’t like the chemicals used by municipal water systems to treat “city water.” A lot of people insist on drinking bottled water, even if they don’t know what purification was used, because they believe it offers health benefits. Good water filtration can be a big benefit in a smart home.
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