Cigars in the Age of Smart Home

Cigar aficionados will tell you that you don’t want to expose your cigars to fluctuations of humidity and temperature.

If you use a humidor, you already likely have a hygrometer and a thermometer, either built into the lid or resting inside the case. For most premium cigar smokers, that’s considered a given – but what good are the tools if you’re not using them to check the environment your cigars are stored in?

Enter the Shelly HT. The HT is a battery powered Wi-Fi temperature and humidity sensor.

While it has a lot of great features, what you’ll care about is that it has the ability to wake up and report when either temperature or humidity exceeds a threshold that you select – as little as .5% humidity or .5 degree Fahrenheit.

It also includes free cloud data storage for up to a year of data. You can look at historical charts of temperature and humidity to help you perfect your storage practices.

The best feature, though, is the ability to set up scenes based on minimum and maximum temperature and humidity values – with the ability to notify you via push notification or email, or just save it in the event log.

The HT is roughly the size of a golf ball – you’ll make it fit. After all, who wants a soggy or brittle cigar?

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