Shelly 1 UL – Quick, Easy, and Tiny

Whenever I automate a circuit, my two favorite modules are the Shelly 1  UL and the Shelly 2.5 UL. They’re my go-to for 90% of the circuits I work with, because they’re so quick and versatile, but offer great functionality. Here’s a quick install of a Shelly 1 with a Decora style switch in a standard single gang box.

I used stranded wire and ferrules for this install. When I want to use a Decora style switch in a single gang box, I like the greater flexibility of stranded, though I’ve used solid core plenty of times when I’m out of ferrules.

As always, I do a quick bench test to make sure everything’s working. I like to provision the module at this point – add to the Wi-Fi network, assign a static IP address, upgrade firmware, and enable cloud services.

Here’s a shot of the original wiring – Line in, Load out, neutral bundle. The house was built in 78, so I’m fortunate to have neutral drops in almost all the boxes.

I normally use Wago connectors, but I decided to go with regular wire nuts (and a whopping big one for the incoming line), just to show that everything fits.

I tucked the Shelly 1 on the left, with the terminals down for optimal wire fit in this specific box, which allowed everything to seat properly.

Here’s everything all buttoned up. I left the screw heads at offset angles in case Scott Grayban sees the post… he LOVES to see screws that are not aligned.

I set this particular light to turn off 5 minutes after turning on, using the “AUTO OFF” function in Timer Settings. This specific circuit lights the closet in our master bedroom – which we have a bad habit of leaving on and walking out of the room.

The Shelly 1 UL is $16.79 at Shelly’s US Store and works with lights, outlets, garage door openers, irrigation switches, and more – it even has dry contacts, so you can switch and control with different voltages!

Total time to install? 11 minutes, including bench testing, provisioning, and pictures. is the website for our Facebook community, The Smarter Home Club – which is an umbrella for all kinds of smart home technologies – home automation, security, custom electronics, weather stations, alternative energy, you name it. DIY focused.

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