Getting Started!

Welcome to the Smarter Home Club’s first post.

I’m Doug, a software engineer from Florida.

My background in home automation goes back to the 2000’s, when I lived in NC. I’d worked from a home office for a year or so while waiting for office renovations. A few weeks before my new space was ready, there were a series of neighborhood break ins.

That worried me – a lot! As a recent home buyer, I was “house rich, cash poor” and couldn’t afford monitored home security, but I worked more than half an hour’s drive from home.

My solution was to buy a stack of X-10 wireless door and window sensors, some power line noise filters, a receiver, light switches, power outlets, and floodlights.

At the time, X10 devices were a couple bucks each if you bought specials from the company or from resellers on eBay. I bought a CM15a interface and a V572RF32 transceiver. I then wrote my own home security app in which sent a text message to my phone if a window or door opened while the alarm was set.

I didn’t worry about a break-in while I was at work, but I wouldn’t exactly say I had peace of mind…. I spent the next tow years refining and perfecting my home automation and security system, enjoying it just under a year before I moved to FL and would need to start all over again!

That’s how I got started. is the website for our Facebook community, The Smarter Home Club – which is an umbrella for all kinds of smart home technologies – home automation, security, custom electronics, weather stations, alternative energy, you name it. DIY focused.

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