Sometimes The Right Product is The Wrong Application

This past weekend, I gave the Z-Ben ZB-PL01 IP Camera Bulb a try. Experimenting with an IP Camera bulb has been a priority to me for some time now. I would like to have video coverage of different areas around my home without the expense or bother of running wiring. Having a camera hidden inside an LED light bulb seems to good to be true!

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Introducing Amazon Alexa and the Echo Products

One of the top goals for the Smarter Home Club is to help beginners get started in home automation. Several of my upcoming posts will introduce novices to products that are easy to setup and use but offer huge benefits. The first of those products that I want to introduce to you is the Amazon Echo line of products, which are the gateway to Amazon’s versatile virtual assistant, Alexa!

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Refurbishing The GE Merlin Tank-less Reverse Osmosis Filter

Last week, I posted regarding my plans to refurbish my GE Merlin tank-less Reverse Osmosis filter. Just as a reminder, it puts out 1 gallon of purified water per minute on demand, so there’s no need to use a tank. It’s a hefty system, taking up a lot of real estate under the sink, more so if you add a DI filter (like I’m doing). On the other hand, I had great service from the filter when I lived in NC, so I brought it with me when I moved. My wife is ready for me to put it into service in order to enjoy the convenience and health benefits of having RO on tap in our home!

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Introducing – The Fabulous Discontinued GE Merlin Tank-less Reverse Osmosis Filter System!

Most people have some sort of concern with the water they drink. Some people don’t like fluoride in water, others don’t like the chemicals used by municipal water systems to treat “city water.” A lot of people insist on drinking bottled water, even if they don’t know what purification was used, because they believe it offers health benefits. Good water filtration can be a big benefit in a smart home.
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What’s With This Weather?

One of the members of The Smarter Home Club is my good friend, Jeremy McCollum. Jeremy and I worked together for a number of years for a software company that made programs for the technical analysis of stocks and mutual funds. Considering our work environment, I was surprised to learn that Jeremy’s degree is in Meteorology – and I thought it was very, VERY cool! I invited Jeremy to share with us his background and to help us understand how weather data matters to the Smarter Home!

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