Routers, WiFi & Your Smart Home

As people add more and more WiFi-based devices to their home network, especially with smart home products like bulbs and switches that can quickly multiply the number of devices, questions often arise about limitations of WiFi routers with large numbers of devices. This guide will help answer some of those questions and give guidance on how to insure that your network serves both you and those devices well.

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ZemiSmart WiFi Door Window Sensor Review

William from ZemiSmart asked me to review a couple of his company’s products for The Smarter Home Club. Today, I want to tell you about the ZemiSmart Wi-Fi Door/Window Sensor. This sensor works with the Smart Life app, meaning it uses one of the popular Tula modules based on the ESP8266, which is very well loved in the smart home community. I have a LOT of pictures included in this entry, to help guide you through the initial setup, as well as to help illustrate one way to get a little extra functionality from it.

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Where there is a will, there’s a way.

There are two things I don’t like in my home automation – Bluetooth and batteries. For me, Bluetooth is fabulous for headsets and speakers, but if there’s more than a few feet between the source and the traget, you’re going to have poor performance unless you’ve got top of the line components. As far as batteries go, if there’s something controlling electrical or electronic devices in my home, I want them on the same circuit as the device. Keeps things simple! Plus, I don’t like to change batteries constantly (as you’ll see below).

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