Shelly 4 Pro – Make Your Own Smart Power Strip

This weekend’s project is a 4 outlet switched Smart power strip using a Shelly 4 Pro module! The Shelly 4 Pro is designed for din rail mounting, which you’re not going to find often in the US. However, the ability to independently control four circuits with one module combined with the LCD display is a gauntlet thrown at the feet of any DIY smart home enthusiast. Using this module in a portable power strip opens up all kinds of possibilities for the workshop, holiday lights, or off-site use (with consideration for Wi-Fi on location).

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Making The Roadmap

When you get started on your home automation journey, it is REALLY easy to go down a rabbit-hole. If you’re not careful and disciplined, you can end up making a lot of extra work for yourself that could be avoided with good planning. That’s in addition to the extra work you can cause by changing technologies in the middle of your project!

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Sometimes The Right Product is The Wrong Application

This past weekend, I gave the Z-Ben ZB-PL01 IP Camera Bulb a try. Experimenting with an IP Camera bulb has been a priority to me for some time now. I would like to have video coverage of different areas around my home without the expense or bother of running wiring. Having a camera hidden inside an LED light bulb seems to good to be true!

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