Under Cabinet Lighting with the Shelly RGBW2

Under cabinet lighting with the Shelly RGBW2 is a fantastic smart home project for nearly anyone. The RGBW2 is low voltage, requiring a 12v or 24v power source, can support up to four channels (Red, Green, Blue, and White or four White channels), and offers the same ability to enjoy local and cloud control of the device as other Shelly relays. What’s more, if you don’t want a permanent installation, you don’t even need to use a single screw to mount the project.

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Making The Roadmap

When you get started on your home automation journey, it is REALLY easy to go down a rabbit-hole. If you’re not careful and disciplined, you can end up making a lot of extra work for yourself that could be avoided with good planning. That’s in addition to the extra work you can cause by changing technologies in the middle of your project!

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