How To Edit Rooms and Devices in The Shelly App

A regular question people ask is how to edit or remove a room in the Shelly app, or how to move a device to a new room. It’s pretty easy!

First, go to the main screen of the Shelly app. Tap the menu in the top right corner.

Tap Edit 

Tap the Edit button to make changes to a room, like the name or picture. Tap the delete button to remove it completely.

In order to make changes to a device, go to the room where the device is currently located and tap the menu.

Tap Edit

You can delete the device from your account completely or you can edit it.

The Edit menu gives you the option to change the name, the room it is located in, and the picture you use to display the device.

Groups and Scenes work the same way. You can edit and delete items from the cloud ( but you can’t add new devices from this interface.

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