How To Add Shelly Modules to Hubitat

Last week, Hubitat updated their platform to version 2.2.0 which allows native integration for Shelly relays and dimmers!

The process to add a device is pretty straight forward:

Navigate to Hubitat in your browser
Click Devices

Click Add Virtual Device

Enter a Device Name & Device Label, in this case “Den_Ceiling_Fan_S2.5”

Note: The reason I used this naming convention is because Hubitat will create a child node for each of a parent module’s relays. A Shelly 1 or 1Pm will have one child device while a Shelly 2.5 will have two. Currently, the relay doesn’t recognize the relays for a Shelly 4Pro or RGBW2, likely due to differences within the Shelly API for those devices.

For “Type,” Select “Shelly WiFi Switch” and click “Save Device”

Enter a value for “Shelly IP address” – in this case, – and click “Save Preferences”

Return to Device List.

Because this is a Shelly 2.5, there are two child devices. This circuit is a ceiling fan with light that I’ve wired for on/off for the light and the fan.

Click the first child node, in my example, it is named “Den_Ceiling_Fan_S2.5 Channel 1”.

I add a friendlier name for “Device Label,” in this case it is “Den Fan.”

Click “Save Device.” Repeat this for the second child node (named “Den Light” in my system).

For an example of why I used such starkly different names for the parents compared to child nodes, check out the names displayed in the Amazon Echo Skill.

I’m still using the community device handlers Scott Grayban created for sensors, bulbs, the RGBW2 and 4 Pro, but it is great to see native integration here without requiring Cloud integration like some other hubs do!

Total time to add a Shelly 2.5 module to Hubitat? 50 seconds is the website for our Facebook community, The Smarter Home Club – which is an umbrella for all kinds of smart home technologies – home automation, security, custom electronics, weather stations, alternative energy, you name it. DIY focused.

If you’re interested in joining the Smarter Home Club’s Facebook group, please follow this link:

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